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Yikes! I Accidentally Gave My Daughter Sour Milk


Y’all. I had one of those “I’m such a bad mom” moments today. My daughter wanted cereal (the loaded with sugar and artificial ingredients kind) for breakfast, so I put some in a bowl and poured in the milk. She finished it, drank the milk out of the bowl and then asked for more. As I went to pour more milk in, I noticed that it was really thick and didn’t have the normal consistency it usually does. I looked into the jug, took a whiff and sure enough it looked and smelled gross. But the freshness date was still five days away. For whatever reason, the milk was bad. The milk my baby girl just chugged down minutes before. Once I realized she had consumed it (and didn’t say it tasted gross, interestingly enough), I freaked out a bit.



I started to panic, thinking she would get sick or vomit or God knows what else. I quickly did a Google search on “what happens if you drink bad milk” and discovered that there’s really nothing to worry about. At least not according to Dad Fixes Everything. (And come on, could there be a more reliable source than that?) If there are obvious signs of mold or souring, then yes, there are health concerns to watch for. But if the milk is “newly sour,” it is nothing to stress over. Children can get food poisoning from drinking expired milk but it would require them to drink a hefty amount. And in the event that they do get sick, it should pass in a day or two.


The moral of the story is that if you happen to accidentally give your child bad milk and they swallow it, they are probably going to be fine. If you are worried or your child shows signs of illness, call their pediatrician. But it’s always best to check the milk (note to self) before pouring it, just in case.


What’s the worst thing you’ve ever accidentally given your child to eat or drink?

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