Motherhood is Not Black & White | Rutherford County Moms

Motherhood isn’t black and white, and every day of motherhood reveals this. You can be a successful mother, partner and woman in a rainbow of ways. Here’s what we know:

  • You are a Rockstar new mom for birthing a child whether you have an unmedicated birth or order your epidural as you walk into the hospital, like you’re ordering a first round of margs.
  • You can breastfeed, bottle feed, exclusively pump…honestly we can’t believe we even have to say it but #fedisbest and your mental health is crucial to your growing family.
  • You can have a good marriage if you love your husband always but sometimes don’t like him at all.
  • You can shop local and love supporting local businesses, and also Amazon prime a birthday party if it’ll help you make a magical memory for your child without losing your mind.
  • Speaking of magical memories…your toddler will be just as thrilled to go to Sesame Place, Chuck E. Cheese or Pet Smart as they will be to go to Disney World, Great Wolf Lodge or your nearest city’s zoo. If you can afford it and you have the energy, go for the big trips. If you’re on a budget or are exhausted, no worries.
  • You can work and have your kids in daycare, with a nanny, or with a family member. You can be a SAHM and dive into motherhood in another way. How you parent is between you and your family. Mommy Wars help no one. And until you walk a day in the life of someone else’s own childhood, marriage, mental health status and otherwise, it’s impossible to understand the choices they make—so don’t try to.
  • You can bring your kids to daily sports practices, music lessons, and sleepaway camps. If your child thrives on a busier schedule and your budget and schedule allows, amazing. If you see your child needs down time, you can honor that or be selective in how you spend your family’s time, energy and money.
  • Finally, as you go through motherhood, you’ll probably realize that motherhood becomes more like a kaleidoscope every single day. That’s why it’s the best job in the world and one that’s given to you forever. Maybe you’ll go through a year or two when you feel a little red, or your kid feels a little green, so you turn the dial, adjust, and realize that the magic of motherhood is that nothing stays the same except love.

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