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Meet-a-Mom: Dawn Pfingsten


When most people hear the words “middle-aged,” they usually think of being old and boring. Not Dawn Pfingsten. The wife, mom, fashion blogger and military veteran believes that middle age doesn’t have to mean middle of the road or boring. Her blog, Just Doing My Best, is quite the opposite. She showcases her fun and positive outlook on life through her fashion sense and it’s super cute. As a Murfreesboro resident, Dawn dishes on her favorite places around town, her family and what she finds the most challenging about motherhood.



Tell us about your husband and children.

My husband Allen and I have been together for nine years. We met online through eHarmony. Our two daughters are 28 and 12.


How long have you lived in Murfreesboro and what’s the appeal?

I moved to Murfreesboro in 1996.  I was a Tupperware Director for years and had also just gotten out of the US Air Force.  I loved the opportunities in Middle Tennessee.  After growing up “up north” and then joining the military, this is the place I’ve lived the longest.  Murfreesboro is now my hometown.


What are your favorite things to do around town as a family?

We spend a lot of time trying to find all of the good food in Rutherford County.  If it’s yummy and locally owned we want to eat there. But my husband would say I love being outside because I’m easily distracted by blooming flowers.


Besides seeking out good food, what are your favorite local hot spots?

We love Hattie Janes for ice cream. I’m addicted to Garage Barre for a great workout- all the girls there are the best! And Emerson Kate Boutique and Trendy Pieces are where I go to find great clothes and terrific service.


What’s one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

My husband and I love to go shooting at a local range whenever we have the opportunity. It’s a great date night activity for us. (After dinner of course!)


If you could sum up motherhood in one word, what would it be?

Challenging. Not in a bad way. It can be a challenge to know all the right things to do at whatever stage your kids are in at the moment. It can be a challenge to be a Godly example for my daughter. It can be a challenge to balance being a good mom and meeting her needs while showing her that I can be a woman with a separate identity at the same time. It’s a challenge to know how to love your kids well all the time.



What’s the most surprising or unexpected part of being a mom that you’ve experienced?

I miss the little years; the years when she “needed” me more. She still needs me, but she will admit it less at this age.


Outside of being a mom and trendsetter, are you involved in any other endeavors?

I’m very involved at my church- Trinity Presbyterian. I work in the children’s/nursery area.


How has the community of Murfreesboro been instrumental in getting you to where you are now?

Working with the littlest members of my church has helped me be a better mother. My workout buddies at Garage Barre make me feel stronger and healthier. My friends, community and family motivate me to reach more women over 40 with my Instagram page and YouTube channel so they know they are beautiful and relevant.

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