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Book Review: Girl, Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis



I first starting hearing Rachel Hollis’ name several months ago. I had seen posts on social media from friends who were following her and/or had read her books. I kept hearing about her until finally my sister sent me her book, “Girl, Wash Your Face.” I was in a hard place in my life and needed a little boost of inspiration. Her book helped me find it. I have always been a fan of self-help books, so her niche of empowering women was right up my alley.


When Rachel released her latest book, “Girl, Stop Apologizing,” I was interested again and seeing what magic she could stir within my soul. This book is even better than the other one in my opinion. As a WAHM who is trying to be an individual, a boss babe and a mother at the same time, this book really spoke to me. It’s not just for women who want to build empires like Rachel has; it’s for women of all walks of life. Single women, married women, stay-at-home moms, working moms, any woman who has a goal of any kind will find value from this read. The book has a great message about not feeling guilty for embracing your passions and the goals you have set for yourself. I wanted to share a few of the parts that really stood out to me.


This is just a glimpse into the book because I want other women to feel inspired by these words but Rachel deserves for you to buy the book and read the rest on your own. So here are a few of my key takeaways that I hope you’ll use to ignite the fire inside of you.

 “The problem is that mommy guilt isn’t about self-awareness. Mommy guilt is about self-destruction.”

Yes, mamas! We’ve got to stop beating ourselves and each other up. There is no such thing as a perfect mother and there never will be. We do our best, and that’s what matters! Also, we don’t need to feel guilty about going after the things that light us up outside of motherhood. As Rachel points out,

“It’s possible to pursue something for yourself while simultaneously showing up well for the people you love.”

She brings this up because she makes a good point about the expectations that women-particulary mothers-find themselves trying to meet based on society’s idea of what it means to be a good woman and a good mother. I read a quote recently that I love. It said something about how the woman you were before you had kids still exists. Yes- we don’t suddenly become this entirely different person just because we start a family. You are still you and I am still me. And we don’t have to let go of that identity in order to be good at the other titles we are given, like wife/mom/employee/boss etc.

“I was raised thinking that my real value was based on the role I would play for other people. After all, being deemed a good wife or a good mother or daughter is rarely based on how true you are to yourself.”


“No, where I was raised women are taught that to be a good woman you need to be good for other people. If your kids are happy, then you’re a good mom. If your husband is happy, you’re a good wife. How about a good daughter, employee, sister, friend? All of your value is essentially wrapped up in other people’s happiness.”

If you are struggling with guilt because of your desire to pursue a dream outside of your family, I highly recommend reading this book. The dream can be something like losing 10 pounds, or making more time for self-care, or spending less (or making more) money. It can be something big like starting a business or running a marathon. Whatever your dream, Rachel Hollis is the lady to give you the extra kick of motivation that you need to go after it.



Have you read “Girl, Stop Apologizing? What were your key takeaways?

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