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5 Mother-Daughter Activities That Can Help Boost Self-Esteem in Teens


May is National Teen Self-Esteem Month. As someone who has always struggled with my self-esteem, I thought it would be good to share some ways that I have learned to build confidence in myself over the years. It’s so important that we raise daughters (and sons) who are confident and self-assured and I think the best way to do that is to lead by example. Even if you are generally a very confident person, it never hurts to remind yourself of the value that you bring to the world. These are fun ways to boost your teen’s confidence while also creating a stronger mother-daughter bond.



Get Moving

Whether it’s going for a walk around the neighborhood, taking a dance class or running a half marathon, physical fitness is good for your self-esteem and your overall health. You release endorphins when you exercise, which helps to relieve stress and boost happiness. The happier and less stressed you are, the easier it is to see the good in yourself. Some physical activities also instill a sense of confidence because you learn new skills, or push new boundaries or learn new ways of doing things.


Pray Together

If you are religious, prayer is a great way to connect more with yourself and reflect on your life. Through prayer, we realize the things in life that we have, which makes us appreciate ourselves more. Praying for others can often be an eye-opening experience that shines light on all the ways we are healthy, grateful and blessed. Praying reminds us that we have so much to live for and so much to offer the world.


Take a Class

Learning a new skill is always a great confidence booster. Signing up for a cooking class or a painting class or another creative type of class can not only teach you how to do something new, it can draw out the talents that you possess and never knew you had. This experience can also provide insight into potential new adventures or callings that help foster confidence.


Hit the Town

Make a girls’ night of it and hit the town. Go all out. Do your hair and makeup and wear something that you feel good in. Sometimes it just takes a little primping to really feel confident. I think it’s a wonderful way for our daughters to appreciate and love themselves and their bodies just the way they are. Even though nice clothes and makeup shouldn’t be necessary to achieve high self-esteem, sometimes we must first master confidence through “enhanced” versions of ourselves before we can master it with 100% authenticity. And it’s those baby steps that help us get there.


Take a Risk

The word “risk” can be scary for people because we often associate it with something dangerous. Taking a risk is just doing something outside your comfort zone. Maybe you have terrible stage fright or a fear of public speaking. Try some karaoke to conquer those fears. Maybe you are not the type of person who can walk up and introduce yourself to a stranger. Show your daughter that you are willing to go ahead and try it. When we face our fears and try new things, it shows us just how much we’re capable of and that definitely gives our self-esteem a huge boost.



What are some ways you have learned to boost your confidence?

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